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Cross-disciplinary Research of MPAT

Last Updated on March 11th, 2020

Themes such as promotion of the use of ocean, enhancement of the international competitiveness of the Japanese (transport) industry, and establishment of disaster prevention and mitigation technologies are not limited to the individual laboratories of the National Maritime Research Institute, the Port and Airport Research Institute, and the Electronic Navigation Research Institute. Significant contributions are expected for realizing efficient and effective multidisciplinary research across the three research areas.
For this reason, MPAT conducts multidisciplinary research by applying technology seeds and specialized knowledge in each field.

◆Ensuring traffic safety, improving capacity and quality

Research group related to functional enhancement of metropolitan airports

◆Protection of territorial waters and development and utilization of ocean and coastal areas

Research group on technologies related to ocean resources and energy development

◆Environment and energy

Research group related to global and regional environment protection

◆Improve productivity (e.g., responding to declining working-age population)

Research group related to labor saving and information sharing through drone technology

List of cross-disciplinary research of MPAT

・Next-Generation Technology for Ocean Resources Exploration
・Functional enhancement of metropolitan airports
・Technology development related to disaster prevention and mitigation